13th opportunity to buy Browar Zabrze approaches

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18-04-2005, 21:16

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – On 9th June, the next auction to buy Browar Zabrze brewery will be held. This is going to be the last time, the brewery is put for sale as a whole. 10 tenders and two earlier auctions failed. ‘We are lowering the price of the intangible assets and other assets, including 20,000 hl of beer in stock, to around PLN 12 m (EUR 2.9 m).

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – On 9th June, the next auction to buy Browar Zabrze brewery will be held. This is going to be the last time, the brewery is put for sale as a whole. 10 tenders and two earlier auctions failed. ‘We are lowering the price of the intangible assets and other assets, including 20,000 hl of beer in stock, to around PLN 12 m (EUR 2.9 m). Unless this time a buyer comes up, I’ll stop production and file a suit to break bankruptcy proceedings’, Zbigniew Suliga, officer in bankruptcy said.

He has managed the company for six years now, since the bankruptcy was announced. He paid several dozen million zlotys of debts and improved the situation of the company. The court agreed for production to be continued (several times already) till the end of June. ‘I cannot care for the brewery any longer if its owner, the Ministry of Treasury has not found time to look into its matters for six years. The only decision the ministry made was to refuse to give the company to an employees’ company in 2004’, Zbigniew Suliga said.

This would be his personal defeat. 169 people work in the brewery, which produces beer, and even has a chance to sign a foreign contract. ‘The company still has PLN 65 m of debt, including PLN 23 m of social insurance payments, which should be amortised to save the brewery. Within three years, the company has paid PLN 120 m of VAT and excise duty’, Zbigniew Suliga added. In 2004, however, Zabrze had PLN 900,000 of loss, and sold 165,000 hl of beer.

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