22,000 new cars sold in January

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – According to preliminary estimates, 22,000 new cars were sold in Poland in January. If the news turns out to be right, it will be a real disaster for the car producers. In January 2003, 29,300 cars were sold, or over 20 percent more. ‘We did not expect sales to fall that much.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – According to preliminary estimates, 22,000 new cars were sold in Poland in January. If the news turns out to be right, it will be a real disaster for the car producers. In January 2003, 29,300 cars were sold, or over 20 percent more. ‘We did not expect sales to fall that much. We hoped the beginning of the year would be better’, Sebastian Pechman from ASO Skoda commented. ‘We noticed a 15-percent sales decrease in comparison to January of 2003. We can consider the number a good result’, Maciej Stengert from Bemo Motors, Ford dealer said.

There are several reasons of this situation. ‘Many second-hand cars imported from Western Europe caused price falls of used cars. Many people give up selling their old car because they have to add too much money to buy a new one’, Roman Kantorski, the CEO of Polish Automotive Chamber (PIM) said. ‘Many business clients withheld their acquisitions in January. They are waiting for possible changes in the VAT law, which would allow for bigger tax reductions’, Pawel Mieszkowski from Ford Polska added. The bill provides for increasing the amount taxpayers will be returned from PLN 5,000 to PLN 7,000. The second reading in the Parliament will take place in the middle of February.

Experts do not want to estimate the 2005 new cars sales. ‘We will know more after the first quarter. I believe, we will not exceed last year’s level of 318,000 units. Only few importers and producers forecast sales increase’, Roman Kantorski said. At the beginning of January, experts expected this year’s sales to fall to 250,000 units. FIAT Auto Poland was the most optimistic. Enrico Pavoni, the head of the Polish company, sales could reach even 340,000 cars. In 1999, 640,000 new cars were sold in Poland.Poland/Enterprises/Automotive


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