ABG Spin merges with Asseco Systems

opublikowano: 09-11-2007, 13:33

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Another merger within the giant IT group is planned. Asseco wants to merge its subsidiary with ABG Spin. This means changes in the management of the latter company.

Another big IT merger is about to happen on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is again going to happen within Prokom-Asseco group. Asseco Systems which was supposed to be listed, may be merged with listed ABG Spin worth PLN 550m (EUR 151.2m). The present ABG CEO, Dariusz Brzeski, would then step down. He would probably be replaced by Andrzej Jaskolski, today’s head of Asseco Systems. Four independent sources confirmed the news. Another one said late in the evening that the plan may not be implemented because Dariusz Brzeski reached agreement with Adam Goral, Asseco CEO, and will stay at the company.

“No comment. Different scenarios have been considered. We will inform about decisions during the press conference on Tuesday”, Dariusz Brzeski said.

According to “PB” sources, in case of a merger, Asseco Systems assets would be conveyed to ABG in exchange for shares issued for Asseco Poland. ABG would change its name into Asseco Systems. The changes suit previous agreements between Asseco and Prokom. This mega-merger is going to be concluded in Spring 2008. In effect, Prokom brand will disappear from the market. However, the present merger with ABG Spin is surprising. Asseco said earlier that first it would focus on merger with Prokom, and then consider what place ABG should have within the group.

“The two mergers will go simultaneously. Dariusz Brzeski wanted to buy ABG but Adam Goral did not agree”, “PB” source revealed.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.275)

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