Another controversial tender at Polish Border Guard

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04-12-2006, 11:04

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – After the tender to buy a giant monitoring system, the Polish border guards authorities buy several smaller ones.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – After the tender to buy a giant monitoring system, the Polish border guards authorities buy several smaller ones.


According to the plan prepared in 2003, the Polish borders which are EU outside frontiers as well, were supposed to be protected with modern electronic systems. There were radars provided on the sea border, detectors and cameras on the land one. Poland received nearly PLN 400m (EUR 105.2m) from Schengen and Phare funds. Three years later, after a number of scandals, there are no systems, part of the funds is lost, and part has to be spent quickly. The Border Guard (SG) is buying the equipment in several smaller tenders, including ones for supervision systems for watch towers and for special monitoring vehicles.


SG wants to buy 11 systems for PLN 20-30m to be used on the existing towers and 14 special cars. The latter should be not longer than 5.7m, dull dark-green, with cameras which allow to record even if the light intensity amounts to 0.5 lux. On November 29th, or 1 day before the deadline to submit offers, the Board Guard authorities said that the car may be 6 meters long, may be shiny and the cameras should work at 10 lux intensity.

“This is 20 times less then before. First they have cosmic demands and when we spend a fortune and have many international specialists find the equipment they require, SG tell us that we may deliver much worse machines”, one of potential contractors said.

 “Changing requirements in the eleventh hour is a scandal but the tender will fail anyway. Part of the requirements exclude themselves. The changes are not enough. You won’t find the equipment anywhere in the world”, „PB” source said.


There are problems with the equipment for the watch towers as well. SG does not want to provide the potential contractors with any data concerning the towers, including how much they bounce when the wind blows. Besides, SG demands the cameras to deliver ‘the proper quality of vision’. SG does not want to give any more details and says that it will decide when the products are delivered.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.263)

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