Bank of New York reactivates investment fund

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Two years ago, the New Yorkers were supposed to launch investment fund in Poland. First, the authorities stopped them, now one of the shareholders is delaying the project.


A vital GSM meeting was planned last Friday at Bank of New York National Trust TFI held by Bank of New York Capital Market (50 percent), NT International, a company of Denis Mahoney (40 percent) and Marcin Podobas, the CEO with 10 percent stake. However, Denis Mahoney did not send his representative for the meeting.

“The representatives of three companies were supposed to decide about the future of the company. Two of them appeared only and no decisions were made”, “PB” source said.


“PB” was the first one to inform that Bank of New York was launching investment fund in Poland in March 2006. A year later, “PB” said that the launch was delayed because the Commission of Financial Supervision had doubts over NT International’s state.  BNY was supposed to buy its stake but because of the merger of BNY and Mellon Financial Corporation the plans failed.

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