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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) Today, the MPs will discuss next year¹s budget. All parties have many doubts but none is going to reject the bill in the first reading.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) Today, the MPs will discuss next year¹s budget. All parties have many doubts but none is going to reject the bill in the first reading.

Roman Giertych, the leader of League of Polish Families (LPR), the right-wing, Euro-sceptical, Catholic party, was mad that Andrzej Mikosz, the Minister of Treasure, signed initial agreement to sell 85 percent of Dolna Odra power plants to Spanish Endesa. He said that his party would withdraw from its support for the government in economic issues. However, it does not mean that the party will reject the budget.

Not in the first reading at least. Our support depends on amendments, including the payment for newly born children, Wojciech Wierzejski, LPR secretary said.

LPR would like PLN 1,000 of subsidy to be paid to all new mothers, independent on how rich they are. Other demands of LPR include cutting administration costs and red tape.

Samoobrona populist party would also like more money to be spent for newly born children. The party postulates securing funds for unemployed people.

This budget will not help the country¹s and economic development. It has many points contradictory to what Prime Minister promised, even in his expose. Instead of cheap administration, they increase funds. However, it¹s too early to declare whether we will support the budget. Analyses and discussions are necessary here, Krzysztof Filipek from Samoobrona said.

Peasants¹ Party PSL is also not happy with the bill.

This is a budget continuing the previous one. Changes are minute. We are afraid that the assumptions concerning GDP and VAT revenues are too risky.

Subsidies for fuel for farmers is just an excuse. According to my estimates, they will amount to 24 percent while in the EU they amount to at least 50 percent. But we will rather approve of the budget, Marek Sawicki from PSL said.

Donald Tusk, the head of Citizens¹ Party (PO) reminds that unless the budget is approved of, a temporary budget will be made. He added that provisional estimates show that some of the projects planned by the Prime Minister may lack funds.

If we see there are serious mistakes in the budget, we won¹t let it be approved of, Donald Tusk promised.

PM has doubts himself.

I¹m afraid the bill may be too good, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz said.

In his opinion, all parties, except for the leftist SLD, will approve of the budget. SLD is, however, not going to reject the bill in the first reading, as Anita Blochowiak, SLD MP said.

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