Budvar will expand its offer

opublikowano: 28-01-2008, 06:45

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The PVC window manufacturer has plans for new investments, but no takeovers at the moment.

The company from Zdunska Wola is about to finish the development of the new production plant and refurbishment of the old one, founded from the last year’s issue of shares and the EU donations. According to Marek Trzcinski, the CEO and main shareholder of Budvar Centrum, it is going to increase the company’s potential and production.

In 2007 the company had a nearly 30 per cent increase of profit when compared with 2006. They do not intend to reveal the forecasts for 2008, however, the profits are expected to grow considerably.

The manufacturer has plans for new investments this year. They want to expand their offer with products that can be sold via the existing distribution channels. The details have not been revealed yet but, as Marek Trzcinski says, they will be announced by the end of January.

At present, apart from windows, Budvar’s offer includes window sills and blinds. New investments will be financed from the company’s own assets and loans. Another issue of shares might be considered in the future.

In July 2007, at the company’s debut on the WSE, the management said they would consider takeovers as a way of strengthening the position on the Polish market. However, having done some research, they will refrain from that at the moment.

The companies we looked at proved to be not very interesting due to their lack of added value, such as highly qualified personnel, Trzcinski says.

He explains that he does not want to make any forced transactions and will focus on the foreign markets, especially in Czech and Germany, which were doing very well in 2007, as the customers started to appreciate also the high quality, not only the competitive price.

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