Comarch IT company eyes contracts with telecoms

opublikowano: 12-02-2008, 17:24

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Comarch has money for foreign acquisitions. In Poland, the company wants to sign contracts with telecoms.

Comarch, the listed IT company, generates substantial income abroad, especially in the telecommunication sector.

“80 percent of Comarch sales are generated in Poland, 20 percent abroad. In telecommunication sector the relation is just the opposite”, Piotr Piatosa, Comarch deputy CEO said.

Last year, Comarch signed contract with French Auchan operating as MVMO. It delivers billing and CRM solutions.

“We may do the same for the Polish unit of Auchan. The retailer considers implementing a similar project in Poland. These are only plans so far but our market is important for the company”, Piotr Piatosa revealed.


One of the biggest international successes of Comarch is the contract with T-Mobile International worth EUR 1.5-2m annually. The company is also looking for projects in Poland, including EUR 300m contract with TP telecom for the delivery of the billing system in transactions among operators. Comarch hopes for new operators.

“Last year, Mobyland and Centernet got licenses, just to mention a few of them. We would like to cooperate with these companies”, Piotr Piatosa added.

Comarch is leading advanced talks with a big fixed telecom operator planning an MVNO project. According to “PB” data, this is Dialog.

Comarch plans acquisitions as well.

“We sold Interia for about PLN 200m (EUR 55.4m). These funds are to be spent for acquisitions and founding our own companies. We will look for targets in Germany and the USA, among others. We are looking for a company with its own product suiting our portfolio or with a big group of clients we could acquire”, Piotr Piatosa said.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.271)

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