Customs officers cause harm to business

opublikowano: 29-01-2008, 20:13

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) –  Companies suffer more from the lack of check-ins at the airports and in the sea ports than from the bottlenecks on the eastern border.

The Association of International Road Carriers in Poland (ZMPD) estimates that some 5,000 TIRs were stuck in traffic jams due to the Customs strike. However, the situation is even more dramatic in ports and at the airports, for many companies depend on the ‘just in time’ deliveries.

‘If the strike is to continue, we may face serious problem with our production flow’, Grzegorz Gorski from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland says.

At the airports only the Customs head officers are working. The only things being checked in are food and blood. According to Tomasz Buras from DHL Express a prolonged strike may cause that big trade partners from Far East will stop exporting their goods to Poland.

The carriers are losing money, the drivers do not earning and the clients dissatisfied as they are not getting their orders.

‘Many of them has already chosen the port in Hamburg’, Stanislaw Lukowicz from Kuehne+Nagel claims. Therefore in the future more clients may decide on German ports rather than Polish ones.

ZMPD has already prepared a legal guide for the carriers wishing to get compensation from the state. The estimated cost of the daily loss for a stopped lorry is 300 EUR. There are about 5,000 of them, which gives 1.5 m EUR per day. There are also other costs caused by the delays so it seems that the pay rises for the Customs officers won’t be the only costs that the government has to face.


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