Dial a fraud

Alan Heath
opublikowano: 07-09-2001, 00:00

Dial a fraud

The three cellular telephone operators Polkomtel, PTC and Centertel are losing around PLN60m per month in unpaid bills. Unfortunately around PLN20m of this is deliberate fraud.

The operators claim that the law on data protection effectively stops them exchanging information on fraudsters and therefore they are seeking to change the law.

A bill will be ready next month which if it became law would allow them to exchange information on such things as stolen or false documentation. There are believed to be around 1.5m false identity cards in circulation and a thief could use one to open an account with all three operators.

Currently the only course open is the overcharged courts where little effectively can be done. The cellular operators have around 15,000 cases in court every month. Prevention is seen as being better than cure.

Another solution to this to make clients agree that their personal information can be exchanged with other operators. Failing that a deposit of around PLN1,000 may be required. Until that happens honest users are being forced to share the burden.

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