Fiolet credit advisor to double number of outlets

28-04-2008, 19:47

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Mortgage credits do  not sell as well as they used. Nevertheless, Fiolet sees the future in bright colors. It believes, sales will be strong thanks to cash credits.

Fiolet, a company from the group Getin Holding, merged with Getin Raty, has 117 outlets today. Last year, its advisors borrowed to their clients PLN 1.4bn.

“This year, we want to increase sales by 40 percent and exceed PLN 2bn of credits”, Pawel Ciesielski, Fiolet CEO said.

It won’t be easy. First quarter results show that the mortgage credit market has slowed down. Today, mortgage loans constitute 50 percent of the value of credits given via Fiolet. Pawel Ciesielski admitted they were selling worse than expected. Cash credits, on the other hand, are very popular.

“Dynamics are big and keep growing. This year’s financial plans seem to not to be under threat”, Pawel Ciesielski said.

Today, Fiolet offers credits of five banks. Products from further institutions will be added this year. Fiolet will offer only cash and mortgage loans not to overlap with other companies from Getin Holding, including Open Finance and PDK. The latter is very strong in car credits. In fact, Getin may merge the two brands. If so, the third biggest financial advisor would be founded.

“This scenario is possible because there are more synergies than costs”, the CEO admitted.

Fiolet has 400 employees today. The number will grow by 200 people this year.


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