Fish sorted out

Alan Heath
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Fish sorted out

It would seem that the agreement between Poland and the EU on the free trade of fish and fish products signed on 8 February 2001 will come into force but with a slight delay. The agreement foresaw duties being lifted completely within two years which was also seen as the date of accession. However now that it is clear that Poland will not be joining the EU in 2003, Warsaw proposed that duties would be lifted on joining. This was not agreed to by the main EU fishing states, Britain, Ireland and Spain. The EU is rumoured to have sent a letter to Poland saying that all duties must be lifted on 1 January 2003. It would seem that Poland will accept these terms. The first reduction in duty will come about on 15 June 2001. Currently Polish fish products have a six percent market share in Europe. It is believed that this could treble with free trade. There are around 350 companies working in the fish processing industry, fifty of which have permits to export to the EU.

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