Flights from Wroclaw to Korea to be launched soon

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20-03-2006, 15:29

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Increasing Korean investments in Poland cause the necessity to offer direct flights among the two countries.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Increasing Korean investments in Poland cause the necessity to offer direct flights among the two countries.


LG, which last year decided to invest in Kobierzyce near Wroclaw, will have 200 Koreans working in the first stage of the project. Later, there may be more of them. Today, the Koreans fly to Poland via Germany but this may change soon.

“We are working to launch a direct flight between Wroclaw and Korea”, Zbigniew Salek, the deputy CEO for planning and development in Wroclaw Airport, said.

“We plan to develop the airport including building a longer track to make it possible for long-haul plans to take off”, Jaroslaw Obremski, the deputy President of Wroclaw said.


In 2998, there were 10,000 tourists from Korea visiting Poland. Last year, the number grew to 39,000.

“I assume that this traffic will grow so it is sensible to launch direct flights from Poland”, Tomasz Dziedzic, an aviation expert in the Institute of Tourism commented.

LG Philips.LCD is building an LCD plant. There will be six plants of its subcontractors from the LG group built nearby. LG Electronics will have two home appliances plants in Kobierzyce. The whole project will amount to PLN 3.5 billion and create 11,500 jobs.




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