Food producers need more season workers

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22-12-2006, 17:55

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Producers alarm that they may lack employees unless the labor law is changed. They propose radical solutions.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Producers alarm that they may lack employees unless the labor law is changed. They propose radical solutions.


Farmers, fruit and vegetable producers say that they have bigger and bigger troubles with finding season workers. They have a solution they are going to propose to the government.

“There is an urgent need to change rules concerning season workers. Vegetable and fruit producers had serious problems with getting enough season workers this year. Their plants could not work at full capacity”, Janina Jedrzejewska, the CEO of the Union of the Polish Frozen Food Industry (UPPC) said.

There are thousands of additional workers needed in the season.

“There are plants employing up to 600 season workers. Strawberry producers, and there are about 50 of them, employ several dozens to several hundreds people each”, Janina Jedrzejewska added.


Next to the fact that many potential workers are working abroad, another important barrier in getting season workers are high labor costs paid by the employers. That’s why UPPC wants to change the law.

“We want to ask for introducing a category of season worker into the law. This worker would be employed on special conditions. His wage would not be taxed by more than 5 percent. Instead of full social insurance payments (38 percent of the wage), only part of the insurance would be paid”, Janina Jedrzejewska enumerated.

 The producers convince that the budget revenues would be bigger because today many people work illegally. The producers believe also that the situation would be easier if the Polish labor market opened to Romania, Bulgaria or Ukraine.

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