Freeing the market is still a fiction

13-09-2007, 13:59

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) - A group of Vattenfall employees want to buy energy from their own company. They have been trying to  change the provider for two months. In vain.

There is an anecdote being told among power engineers: the first client whose loss was acknowledged by the Warsaw's RWE STOEN after the energy market had been opened in July was to be... Tuomo Hattaka, the President of Vattenfall Poland which is the STOEN's competitor. The rumour says that a special team was formed for this purpose. They have worked on that for two months, but to no effect so far. The story is not true, however, the head of Vatenfall Sales admits that a group of the Swedish company employees has really been trying to change the provider from Stoen to Vattenfall.
Vattenfall can boast of 2,000 contracts signed with recipients throughout Poland who decided to take advantage of the company's offer from July 5th after the liberalization had been proclaimed. However, none of the transfers has been successful so far.
Too expensive and too long

The energy suppliers and experts agree that the procedures connected with the change of a supplier are too time-, money- and work-consuming and, what makes things worse, they are not uniform.

"The transfer should be done online, but no conditions for that have been created. It is a very long and complex process which simply does not pay off. Therefore we are not interested in it at the moment", says Grzegorz Górski, the President of Electrabela Polska which is the owner of the Polaniec Power Plant.
Neither Everen (a company from the EDF group) is going for the retail market.
"We are interested in this sector but rather in a distant future. With the lack of appropriate procedures combined with the expected considerable capital investment and low retail margin we will not be active on this market in 2008", says Joachim Wojaczek, the President of Everen.

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