Gas stations improve service, the market is nearly saturated

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16-08-2006, 17:08

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – There are more and more gas stations in Poland. Falling margins discover new investors.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – There are more and more gas stations in Poland. Falling margins discover new investors.


According to the newest data from the Polish Organization of Oil Industry and Trade, there were 6,861 gas stations operating in Poland at the end of June, or 132 more than a year earlier.

“The market is close to being saturated. 7,000 gas stations is an optimal quantity to provide competitiveness of the market”, Halina Pupacz, the CEO of the Polish Chamber of Fuel said.

She added that investors may be discouraged from projects by falling margins.

“Before, the return on investment was 10-15 years. Now you have to wait even two times longer”, she added.


In her opinion, the number of modern stations will grow while old and badly located ones will be closed. The development will consist in improving the service, including washing centers, shops, bars, new kind of fuel. There have been no new investors on the Polish fuel market recently. In July last year, Finnish ST1 registered a company in Poland and promised to build a chain of self-service stations. On its website, the company still promises to launch the stations at the beginning of 2006. The is no outlet today. Lukoil also stopped its projects after it lost the battle to buy Lithuanian refinery Mazeikiu.


PKN Orlen is the leader on the gas station market with 1,922 outlets. Grupa Lotos has 403 stations, BP 307, Shell 272, and Statoil 224 ones.


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