iPhone has come already, there will be no breakthrough

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – 4,200 clients in  the first hours of iPhone sales at Era mobile operator is a good result. But analysts believe that the novelty won’t change the market.

PTK Centertel, the operator of Orange mobile network and PTC, the operator of Era, have organized loud shows at midnight when they started to sell iPhone, the multimedia mobile phone. There were not too many clients present. According to mobile portals, both events were supported by hired people queuing at both events plus employees of the companies. But Era is quite optimistic.

“After the first hours of sales, we have over 4,200 contracts signed. This is a good result, especially that the telephone is not a cheap one and that we have not advertised it”, Zbigniew Lazar, PTC spokesman said.

“We don’t give numbers concerning our new subscribes. Besides, after such a short notice, you cannot draw any conclusions”, Wojciech Jabczynski, TP spokesman said.

Audytel consulting company estimates that 150,000-200,000 iPhones will be sold in Poland.

“We may win clients from other operators because of iPhone”, Zbigniew Lazar believed.

Rivals are sceptical.

“It won’t be any breakthrough. There was no revolutionary change in any European country”, Marcin Gruszka, Play spokesman said.

“The first wave of clients consists probably of people who have been waiting for iPhone for a longer time. I expect that the growth rate will slow down”, Przemyslaw Sawala-Uryasz, CA IB Securities analyst commented.

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