Liberty Poland wants to build air terminal in Pyrzowice

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opublikowano: 10-04-2006, 12:49

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Liberty Poland CEO, who is 78th in the ranking of the richest Poles, wants to build a private terminal in Pyrzowice, near Katowice. The airport operator agrees.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Liberty Poland CEO, who is 78th in the ranking of the richest Poles, wants to build a private terminal in Pyrzowice, near Katowice. The airport operator agrees.

The Pyrzowice airport near Katowice, west-southern Poland, is managed by GTL whose owners are the Slask region authorities and state-owned Weglokoks.

“We have sent a letter of intent to GTL because we want to build a terminal and a hall for private small planes and choppers in Pyrzowice”, Wieslaw Wisniewski, Lberty Poland (LP) CEO.

According to the “Wprost” weekly, Wieslaw Wisniewski has PLN 220m (EUR 55.7m) of assets and is 78th in the ranking of the richest people in Poland.

Marek Mutke, GTL CEO, confirmed that he has received the proposal but it needs additional analyses.

“We are looking forward to receiving GTL’s official reply”, Wieslaw Wisniewski said.

In his opinion, it will take 18 months to realize the project after GTL approves of it. The costs will amount to several million zlotys.

LP signed an agreement last year with U.S. Schweizer, part of Sikorski Aircraft group, to sell their choppers in Europe. That’s why it wants to launch a training and servicing center of choppers in Slask. LP specializes in the sale of mobile phones and telecommunication solutions. It has over 150 shops. The controlling stake in this company is owned by Wieslaw Wisniewski. LP’s annual sales amount to PLN 400m, while the net income reaches several million zlotys.

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