No change at Agros

Alan Heath
opublikowano: 02-03-2001, 00:00

No change at Agros

The French Pernod Ricard will shortly begin to buy Agros shares to add to the 74 percent of the votes it already has at shareholders meetings of the Warsaw based agricultural concern. Many analysts believe that Pernod Ricard will pull the company off the stock market. It is clear that there is little to be gained by a continued presence on the bourse. Pierre Denetre, MD of Agros says that the only thing that the stock market can do for the company is to publicise its name. Whatever happens it will no longer be Pierre Denetre's decision. He is about to be replaced by Yves Flassier. The shareholders will be asked to approve the move on 15 March. The change of boss will involve no change of strategy or restructuring. Pierre Denetre insists that the main area of business activity for the company will be the export of alcohol and the production of fruit juices and fruit canning. He denied rumours of a proposed sale of the factories producing fruit juices and the brands themselves.

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