Novator fund sells Netia and Play telecoms

opublikowano: 11-12-2008, 14:24

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Novator has put up  for sale Netia telecom. Investors are in advanced talks to buy Play mobile operator.

The rumor that the fund from Island had put up Netia for sale appeared several weeks ago.
“Novator is discreet. It fears the price would fall while it is already low due to financial crisis”, one of “PB” sources said.
Netia management and supervisory board refused to comment while representatives of Novator, which controls Netia, were unavailable for comment yesterday. The fund from Island, a country having economic troubles, is selling out its assets.
“People from Novator are experienced players. You cannot underestimate them. I’m convinced that they will negotiate a very good price for their assets”, one of the people close to negotiations said.

There are more news concerning the sale of P4, Novator’s mobile assets in Poland. The fund put up for sale the company in early September. Ernst&Young conducted due diligence for Norwegian Telenor.
“This is the main player in the fight for P4”, one of “PB” sources believed.
“Negotiations are going on. The price is the matter right now”, another person adds.
Crowley Group with Arab funds and maybe Australian capital are also interested. Crowley Group CEO had said in the past that expansion and acquisitions in Poland were his aim.
“We work with Abu Dabi and Qatar funds in order to support expansion of Crowley Data Poland. We eye many acquisitions targets but I cannot comment any specific transactions”, George Crowley, Crowley Group CEO said.

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