Poland: St1 plans to launch self-service gas stations

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – St1, Finnish private operator of gas stations, plans to launch its network in Poland. “We have registered our company in Poland at the beginning of July. We are looking for attractive sites”, Kim Wiio, St1 executive director said. He refused to give details concerning the number of outlets or investments.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – St1, Finnish private operator of gas stations, plans to launch its network in Poland. “We have registered our company in Poland at the beginning of July. We are looking for attractive sites”, Kim Wiio, St1 executive director said. He refused to give details concerning the number of outlets or investments.

St1 will have one big rival in Poland – Neste Polska of Finland. The company has been present in the market for several years now and has 59 gas stations. Neste is not afraid of competing offers. “There have been such attempts in the past but we do not expect massive attack in the upcoming years”, Pawel Sitarski, Neste Polska sales director said. Experts believe, self-service gas stations will be more and more popular. “The higher fuel prices, the more customers will choose them”, Jacek Wroblewski from the Polish Organisation of Oil Industry and Trade. “Their natural environment are big cities and shopping malls where time and price are key factors. They do not do that good at high-ways where people want also to take a rest”, Aurelia Kuran-Puszkarska, the CEO of the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels added.Poland/Enterprises/Gas and Oil


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