Polish companies fail to apply for .eu domains

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Polish firms fail to register European web sites. Most often they are too slow.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Polish firms fail to register European web sites. Most often they are too slow.

Agora, the media group which has recently closed its “Nowy Dzien” daily which was unprofitable, faces another failure: it is fourth in the cue for agora.eu web site address. Oma Varahalduse of Estonia will probably receive the address as it is the first on the list. It applied for this address on December 7th 2005, or on the first registration day. Agora did it on February 3rd 2006. It had applied on December 19th but it failed to present necessary documents proving its right to use “Agora” name so the application was rejected. In the period of December 7th 2005 till April 6th 2006, entities and persons with documents proving their right to certain names and brands may register .eu domains.

Out of 293,000 applications sent to EURid, the organization chosen by the European Commission to manage .eu domains, only 1.1 percent come from Poland, or 30 times less than from Germany and three times less than from the Czech Republic.

“The same number of .eu domains are ordered via our company as those with .com or .pl ending. This is not much considering that the majority of new European domains are free while the others have been registered so long that it’s hard to find a good address”, Daniel Dryzek, the managing director of the Polish unit of Active 24, the Norwegian company dealing with domain registration.

LOT, the Polish flag carrier, submitted its file on the very first registration day at 12.06 p.m. Alexander Schubert from Berlin did it at 11.33 a.m. and he is before LOT. It may be very expensive to regain the address which has already been reserved by someone else. Some domains with .com extension, which were registered for USD 20, were later sold for several million dollars. The cost of .eu domains amounts to PLN 50 (EUR 13.2) a year. There are companies which seem to register domains to make money. Dutch Depmarc registered its brand O&R&L&E&N and the orlen.eu domain. It has also W&A&W&E&L sign and wawel.eu domain. Wawel is the name of a place of interest in Krakow as well as of listed sweet producer. They were not interested in the domain.

„You cannot be sure that the new web addresses will be adopted for ever. The value of .eu domains will be known within several years. Much depends on how the European integration goes”, Daniel Dryzek stressed.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.265)



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