Polish meat producers want EU to help them lift Russian bans

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opublikowano: 16-06-2006, 12:35

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Polish meat companies are getting impatient and say that the EU has long ago promised to help them convince Russia to lift the bans.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Polish meat companies are getting impatient and say that the EU has long ago promised to help them convince Russia to lift the bans.

The talks between Warsaw and Moscow are still going on but there are no results. The European Commission, when asked by Polish meat producers for help, first did not respond at all and then said that the Poles applied the wrong commissioner: Marianna Fischer Boel, the agriculture Commissioner, instead of Peter Mandelson, the trade Commissioner. The latter visited Poland two weeks ago and promised to arrange a meeting with the representatives of Russia.

“We are EU member and apart from obligations, we also have some rights. We cannot solve this case without the support from the European Commission, which keeps promising only. That’s why we once more ask Brussels to take some measures”, Witold Choinski, the CEO of the Polish Association of Meat Producers, Exporters and Importers.

“Nothing’s going on and we keep waiting. Meanwhile, the old EU member countries make us of our absence in Russia”, Wieslaw Rozanski, the CEO of the Meat Association added.

On November 3, the Polish veterinary authorities received documents from Russia which were suspected. On November 10, Russia banned meat imports from Poland, on November 14 it added plant imports. Before, 33 companies were exporting their products.


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