Polish retailer to produce abroad

Alan Heath
opublikowano: 20-07-2001, 00:00

Polish retailer to produce abroad

Szczeciń based Komfort, one of the largest Polish retailers,is considering buying from the French Tarkett Sommer a carpet producing facility.

Komfort is unwilling to say either how much this will cost nor where production will take place.

It is however certain that production will not be in this country.

Jacek Głuszyński of the Kowary carpet producing company in south west Poland says that he considers this to be a risky strategy as labour and other costs are so much cheaper in this country.

The new line will supply around 4m sqm of carpet per year. This is only for use in Komfort’s shops, there are no plans to wholesale the goods.

Komfort has almost 100 stores in this country as well as producing doors and being active in the property market. It also has an advertising agency.

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