Rupert Murdoch invests in catholic TV Puls

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opublikowano: 28-06-2006, 17:58

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – News Corp. has become a minority shareholder in TV Puls.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – News Corp. has become a minority shareholder in TV Puls.

TV Puls, a broadcaster owned in by Franciscan Brothers, has a new investor – the world’s giant News Corp with USD 55 billion of assets and USD 25 billion of annual sales. Rupert Murdoch company bought 25 percent stake.

“Both shareholders intent to retain the family and Christian character of the station. The management of Telewizja Puls is preparing the strategy and development plan”, Zdzislaw Dido, TV Puls CEO said.

“Such a big global player raises the standards for broadcasters already present in Poland”, Andrzej Zarebski, media analyst commnented.

TV Puls is not a big station. Last year, it had 0.43 percent of the market.

“I don’t expect an immediate revolution. But Murchoch has a very strong starting poing a day before terrestrial TV is digitalized”, Juliusz Braun, the former head of the national council of radio and TV KRRiT said.

The government will soon make decision concerning the broadcasting standards. Broadcasters already present on the market will have priority in receiving digital frequencies.

“News Corp. will probably not end with this one TV station. It can e.g. launch satellite programs”, Juliusz Braun added.


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