Ryanair warns about development of Okecie airport

opublikowano: 05-03-2007, 10:21

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The Irish low-cost carrier says that it’s a mistake to plan to build the second runway at Okecie airport. Polish officials advise them to calm down.

“PB” has recently informed about the plans of PPL, the state-owned airport operator, to develop Okecie airport. One of the crossing runways could be liquidated and a new one built. The two runways would be parallel. Experts believe, this could increase capacity of Okecie even by 100 percent. Officials explain that it is necessary to make decisions now because a high-way is being built close to the airport.

“Instead of nonsense ideas to liquidate one runway at Okecie and to build a new one, the officials should start building the airport for low cost airlines near Warsaw at last. The cost of building this airport could be lower than the strange ideas, experience of the other European countries shows”, Tomasz Kulakowski from Ryanair said.

He wonders also why Okecie should need the second runway.

“London Gatwick airport, the second largest airport in the UK, has nearly four times more passengers than Okecie. The traffic should be managed better, that’s all. It’s not necessary to spend money on a thing which is not needed”, Tomasz Kulakowski stressed.

“We taki into account all comments from our clients but it’s too early to draw any conclusions now that the conception of building the second runway is in so preliminary a stage”, Grzegorz Hlebowicz from PPL replied.

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