Shell takes Dexpol stations

Alan Heath
28-06-2001, 00:00

Shell takes Dexpol stations

Shell is continuing its expansion on the Polish market following its acquisition of the 46 petrol stations belonging to DEA Mineraloel with the purchase last week of seven stations belonging to the private Wrocław based Dexpol.

This brings the total amount of Shell stations in Poland to 123. These petrol stations will continue to show Dexpol colours with the Shell logo being phased in over the next two months.

It is not clear if this is the beginning of a take over of Dexpol by Shell. Management of Dexpol chose not to comment but the company is a member of the KG consortium which linked with the British Rotch Energy to buy a stake in the Gdańsk refinery. If indeed Shell does acquire the company, this would considerably weaken the consortium.

Shell is aiming at 200 stations by the end of the year. It will open 17 new petrol stations of its own as well as obtaining the 46 of DEA Mineraloel, provided that the EU anti-monopoly body agrees. Simple mathematics thus show that further acquisitions will be necessary to reach the double century.

Foreign investment agency PAIZ considers that USD2bn has been invested in fuel stations. This includes USD250m from Aral, USD390m from BP, USD403m from Shell and USD250m from Statoil.

Foreign companies have now over 700 fuel stations in this country and a 15 — 20 percent market share. They employ more than 10,000 people.

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