Swedish Valinge wants Barlinek board producer to buy licence

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opublikowano: 15-09-2005, 16:40

Today, the representatives of Barlinek floor board producer are visiting Valinge, their counterpart in Sweden. Officially, the meeting is held to exchange experiences. In fact, the Swedes are accusing the Polish company for breaking their patent law for the system of joining boards without glue.

Today, the representatives of Barlinek floor board producer are visiting Valinge, their counterpart in Sweden. Officially, the meeting is held to exchange experiences. In fact, the Swedes are accusing the Polish company for breaking their patent law for the system of joining boards without glue. “We believe that the technology used by Barlinek is similar to our patented solutions”, Darko Pervan, ValingeCEO said. “It's not true. We are not breaking any patent law because we use our own solutions”, Wojciech Ciesielski, legal advisor to Barlinek maintained.

In 2002, Barlinek registered its solution in the patent office. Several years earlier, the Swedish Valinge did the same. Valinge has court proceedings against a Belgian producer concerning rights to the patent. How did Barlinek find out its system? “Loyalty against Barlinek does not let me speak here”, Marek Konstańczak, the founder of Barclik system said.”The patent office said that our solution had no resemblance elements that would make it impossible to register it. Please note that Darko Pervan protests exactly now when we are conducting our IPO. Why didn't he do it earlier?”, Wojciech Ciesielski asked.

Valinge representatives are hard. “We will try to convince Barlinek to buy our licence. If our arguments are not taken, we will very soon start legal proceedings”, Darko Pervan warned. Barlinek suggests the same. “You cannot treat Mr Darko Pervan's action other than a trial to maipulate during the issue”, Wojciech Ciesielski believed. This means, a sue might be sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission KPWiG. A necessity to buy the licence would be troublesome to Barlinek. It is said that licence holders pay EUR 1 per one metre of board. At present production of Barlinek, this means that the Polish floor board producer would have to pay to the Swedes even PLN 16m (EUR 4.1m) a year, half of this year's planned net income. Subscription for the IPO of Barlinek ended several days ago. The value of the IPO will exceed PLN 160m. Shares will be traded this month.(PLN 1 = EUR 0.257)

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