Tarchomin to compete with Bioton in insulin production

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Polfa Tarchomin wants to win 3 percent of Poland’s insulin market. Bioton hopes for 28 percent and does not believe in its new rival’s success.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Polfa Tarchomin wants to win 3 percent of Poland’s insulin market. Bioton hopes for 28 percent and does not believe in its new rival’s success.

Polfa Tarchomin, a member of Polski Holding Farmaceutyczny (PHF), is getting ready to its first promotion campaign of insulin Polhumin. Dariusz Sobczak, Tarchomin CEO says that the company wants to win 3 percent of the Polish human insulin market this year.

“The market is worth about PLN 500m (EUR 126.9m). At the end of March, we will finish the fourth phase research on 780 patients in order to prove the quality of the medicine. Polhumin has been sold since July 2005. We have sold 5,000 units without any promotion”, Dariusz Sobczak said.

The human insulin market is dominated by two foreign companies: Novo Nrodisk and Eli Lilly. Bioton, the Polish listed insulin producer, has been trying to catch the leaders for five years now. Adam Wilczega, Bioton’s CEO said that Tarchomin’s plans are very difficult.

“It is easier to jump from 20 to 30 percent than to exceed the 5 percent level. It is not very probable that they will achieve 3 percent of this market this year”, Adam Wilczega said.

“The sales possibilities depend to high extent from the support of the opinion-makers and suitable promotion. But Tarchomin is not very probable to endanger Bioton’s position. Even if it develops sales, the two Polish companies will rather compete with the foreign firms and not with each other”, Krzysztof Radojewski, DI BRE analyst commented.

Bioton controls 20 percent of the human insulin market and wants to increase the sales by 40 percent this year to raise its market share to 28 percent. It needed over 2 years to get 3 percent of the market. The breakthrough started in 2003 when Bioton’s medicine appeared on the list of pharmaceuticals refunded by the state. The insulin produced by Tarchomin is not refunded as yet.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.254)


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