Telefonia Lokalna attacks TPSA

Alan Heath
opublikowano: 26-07-2001, 00:00

Telefonia Lokalna attacks TPSA

Yesterday Telefonia Lokalna, the second largest domestic independent terrestrial telephone operator after Netia submitted two claims. The first was given to the telephone watchdog URT and concerned an investigation into its accounting with TPSA. The second was forwarded to anti monopoly and competition body UOKiK on the subject of monopolistic practices by the formerly state owned concern.

Both claims were based on the pilot scheme by TPSA to reduce on 1 July its long distance prices in certain areas of the country.

Jarosław Janiszewski, MD of TL, says that he is happy that TPSA has reduced its prices although he considers it to be rather strange that the price cuts come in areas where there is competition. Furthermore TL has been unable to sign a new contract with TPSA and therefore has to continue paying what was agreed before the price cuts and this clearly cuts into its margin and stops effective competition.

Netia has already submitted similar complaints and El-Net is likely to follow.

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