Telefonika and Telecom Italia interested in CenterNet

13-06-2008, 17:14

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – CenterNet, the fight mobile operator to launch operations in Poland, negotiates with Spaniards and Italians. But the company from Karkosik group delays its launch from June till March next year.

CenterNet, the new mobile operator won’t launch operations this month.

“We must first fulfill our concession obligations and launch them before March 2009”, Grzegorz Tomczyk, CenterNet CEO said.

He explains the delays with long negotiations with PTK Centertel. But the contract to get access to rival’s infrastructure may soon be signed.

CenterNet confirms earlier promises to win 2.5m clients within 5 years.

“Because of the delay we won’t have 200,000 clients this year as planned before”, Grzegorz Tomczyk added.

He refused to say where the company will take necessary funds from.

“Different scenarios are being considered, including full engagement of the capital of the owner, credits, financial investors and a strategic investor. Decisions will be made this month”, Grzegorz Tomczyk assured.  

According to “PB” sources, two European giant telecoms were interested in CenterNet, including Spanish Telefonica and Italian Telecom Italia.

“Negotiations were run by the previous management”, Grzegorz Tomczyk said.

He added immediately that no talks with these investors are held by the present management.

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