Tender to let the fifth telecom operator into the market starts today

20-03-2007, 12:24

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Today, the details of the tender office to buy frequencies for mobile operations will be published by  telecommunication authorities. The regulator lures new players.

The Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) is publishing on its www today the details of the tenders to buy free frequencies of GSM1800 mobile telecommunication.

“We want to start the tender after the long weekend in May”, Anna Strezynska, UKE CEO said.

The winner will be able to use the frequencies to offer mobile services but also fixed line or data transmission ones.

“There are many companies who want to merge fixed line and mobile telecommunication, especially in the cities. Era was the first one to go this way, now Orange is trying to do the same”, Anna Strezynska said.

The tender will encourage new players to quickly start operations. UKE wants to award the operators who pledge to quickly start services and build a new network. The offered price will not be the main criterion – the competition element will become one instead. Negative points will be given to companies who already own GSM1800 frequencies.

“The idea is to let new operators into the market. Previous tenders showed that there are no buyers for mobile telecommunication so we hope to find a company who sees its business in a different way and would like to use the frequencies to offer fixed-line or data transmission services”, Anna Strezynska explained.

PTC, PTK Centertel and Polkomtel are interested in the tender. P4 may be interested as well. Telekomunikacja Kolejowa (TK), Tele2 and Centernet (owned by Roman Karkosik) also said before they would take part in the tender but meanwhile TK has withdrawn while Tele2 and Centernet refuse to comment.

“I don’t expect new players to be very interested. The example of P4 shoes how difficult it may be to build one’s own network, which prolongs the period of return on investment and affects the profitability of the project”, Waclaw Iszkowski from the Polish Chamber of IT and Telecommunication commented.

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