The Germans don’t want to work with Aleksander Gudzowaty

opublikowano: 24-01-2008, 17:05

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The future Bernau-Szczecin pipeline is uncertain because E.ON Ruhrgas wants a ‘divorce’ with Bartimpex. The latter does not accept the news.

The Bernau-Szczecin pipeline, a flag project of Aleksander Gudzowaty, the owner of Bartimpex, may turn out to be a failure. E.ON Ruhrgas, the second 50-percent owner of IRB consortium, wants to withdraw. According to unofficial sources, the Germans wanted to do it two years ago already but both companies decided to keep the secret. Now, E.ON Ruhrgas representatives confirm the news.

“We’ve made this decision. After years of negotiations, PGNiG told us it was not interested in buying gas from Bernau-Szczecin”, Paul Wolters, E.ON Ruhrgas Poland’s director said.

Meanwhile, PGNiG is Poland’s main wholesale gas buyer. Without the company, E.ON Ruhrgas and Bartimpex would have no demand for 2.5-5bn cubic meters of gas annually. In addition, in 2006, E.ON Ruhrgas lost its concession to sell gas abroad.

The German gas giant has different projects in the pipeline. It has 24.5 percent of Nord Stream, a company supposed to build the Northern gas pipeline over Baltic sea. Gazprom, which has 51 percent, wants to transport its gas to Western Europe. E.ON Ruhrgas is also shareholder of OPAL pipeline built by Wingas, BASF subsidiary and the 24.5 percent owner of Nord Stream.

Bartimpex hopes, however, that Ruhrgas has not totally given up the Polish project.

“We have an idea to join Bernau-Szczecin with OPAL pipeline, but it’s a preliminary proposal. In February, Ruhrgas will decide if it’s still interested to use Bernau-Szczecin pipeline as its connection with Poland. If not, the pipeline would become the national transport network”, Jan Antosik believed.

Bartimpex believes that the contract with E.ON Ruhrgas is still valid. The Germans, however, want to conclude cooperation with Aleksander Gudzowaty’s company.

“We propose to liquidate IRB and divide the route of Bernau-Szczecin pipeline. The Polish part would belong to Bartimpex, the German one to E.ON Ruhrgas. This solution does not exclude an option to implement the project in another form”, Paul Wolters said.

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