The Ministry is likely to meet TPSA half-way

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) –  The odds are that the investments of Telekomunikacja Polska (TP) will be protected. The operator promises to spend millions on providing customers with ultramodern services. The government may support the plan.


Two weeks ago the TP representatives told “PB” that the company is willing to develop a new generation network (NGN), provided that it is legally protected, which – in TP’s opinion – will ensure its profitability. The issue stirred the circle of the alternative operators that think it may be a part of TP lobbing, as the company does not want to be partitioned.


A serious ally

TP found an important ally – the Ministry of Infrastructure that has the right of legislative initiative in the field of telecommunication.

In response to “PB” question about the matter Teresa Jakubowicz, the Director Spokeperson of the ministry press office, wrote the ministry will “consider all options that will facilitate the development of the telecommunicative infrastructure.

The issue was one of the subjects discussed during the meeting of Andrzej Panasiuk, the Vice Minister of Infrastructure, with operators and telecommunication chambers that took place on the 11th January. The interesting fact is that the alternative operators chamber doe not say “no”.

“ We will sit at the table and have a discussion. Perhaps we will manage to find a solution satisfying all operators”, Stefan Kaminski, the President of Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunication (KIGEiT), says.


Plenty of doubts

The prospective problems are numerous. The key one is the possible strengthening of TP position as a monopolists. Also, deciding on the type and scope of investments may be problematic. The European Commission does not fancy such  legal protection either and it sued a similar solution in Germany. The alternative operators present data showing that protecting investments by law results in their decreased number.

Anna Strzezynska, the President of Office of Electronic Communication (UKE), expects the Ministry to demand a detailed analysis before making any decision.

According to Magda Borowik, an analyst from IDC Poland, the attempts to alter the communication law may be questioned by the European Commission and result in worsening the image of the national provider even further.


Project in March?

TP and the chambers hale no specific suggestions at the moment. Ireneusz Piecuch from TP argues that although the matter is complex, the operators should work together on finding a solution

“As far as time is concerned, I do not expect the common project to be ready before the end of February”, he says.

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