Three consortia to win in a PLN 178m tender

25-09-2008, 19:46

Listed Comarch and WSiP compete to win profitable contracts. Although competition is not very tough. The offers have just been submitted but the winners are already chosen.

Young Digital Planet (YDP) with Comarch, MCSI with PWN as well as Incom with WSiP have submitted their offers to deliver educational software to 20,000 schools all over the country. The tender is split into three parts and each consortium will get a contract provided that the Ministry of Education does not find mistakes in the offers and does not delay the process. Deliveries must be realized till the end of November or EU funds provided for the program will be lost. The Ministry of Education will have spent PLN 178m (EUR 53.4m) for software.

YDP with Comarch may earn most in this project. Their offer amounts to PLN 98m and is slightly lower than of its rivals. The latter will get contracts worth PLN 40m each. No rivals are taking part in the tender due to delays and a very short time to prepare offers.

The whole program supposed to provide computers to schools is co-finances with EU funds for the years 2004-06. The project was worth PLN 1.5bn and was supposed to launch computer classrooms in every Polish school.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.300)

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