TP EmiTel to spend PLN 600 m on digital television

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – TP EmiTel, a subsidiary of TPSA telecom, which deals in TV and radio broadcasts transmission, wants to invest much in the upcoming decade to be able to offer digital services. The company has over 350 transmitters, which may soon be out of date.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – TP EmiTel, a subsidiary of TPSA telecom, which deals in TV and radio broadcasts transmission, wants to invest much in the upcoming decade to be able to offer digital services. The company has over 350 transmitters, which may soon be out of date. ‘Digital services are inevitable and we want to take part in the changes’, Jacek Grochowina, TP EmiTel CEO said. In his opinion, the necessary investment will amount to EUR 150 m within 10 years. The funds will be spent on seven multiplexes, which allow to broadcast several TV programmes in one common channel. ‘This is a strategic project for us so we are able to raise necessary funds, even for the whole investment’, Jacek Grochowina said. His company has big assets, including infrastructure worth PLN 650 m (EUR 163.3 m), so it should have no problems with getting credits.

According to government strategy, analogue TV will operate till 2014. In this period, TP EmiTel will increase sales because it will offer both analogue and digital transmission. The company is negotiating with Telewizja Polska national TV broadcaster and TVN and Polsat, which want jointly change into digital broadcast. There are two options possible: TP EmiTel buys transmitters and broadcasters will only deliver programmes or they cover part of investments in infrastructure. The problem is that the government has not approved of the digitalisation strategy and no one knows what conditions will prevail in the future.

In 2003, TP EmiTel had PLN 27.8 m of net income, while in 2002 (is was launched on May 1st 2002) PLN 17.1 m of net loss. Sales rose in 2003 to PLN 291.3 m from PLN 201 m. The results for 2004 will be published at the end of this month.

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