Trzebinia refinery in troubles

opublikowano: 20-04-2007, 15:50

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The refinery warns with hunger strike. It goes to court, too.

Yesterday, the employees of Rafineria Trzebinia refinery (RT) planned protests in the town. Henryk Sobierajski, the head of the trade union at RT said that a hunger strike would start as well. All these because of dramatic situation at the plant which may go bankrupt.

“We protest against never-ending control from tax authorities which has been going on for about three years and against the decision of Zyta Gilowska, the Minister of Finance, which will cause liquidation of all biofuel production”, the trade unionists of Trzebinia wrote.

According to duty authorities in Krakow, RT has already PLN 120m (EUR 31.6m) of debts in excise duty for the year 2004. On April 5th, the head of Krakow duty authorities refused RT to pay back due debts in installments. The reason was that the company from PKN Orlen group may not be able to pay back them. Besides, RT had its taxes amortized before.

“RT appealed from this decision. The duty chamber in Krakow has 1-2 months to reply. But even with negative decision, the company will not have to pay back the debts. Its management have questioned the debt from the very beginning. In 2005, the company filed a suit to the court in Krakow”, Tomasz Kierski from the duty chamber in Krakow said.

Any payments are frozen till the court makes its decision.

This is not the only problem of RT. Krakow tax authorities have been controlling the company for several years already because of alleged debts for the excise duty in the years 2002-2004.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.263)

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