UPS shifts operations from UK to Wroclaw

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The U.S. company is moving its accounting center from the UK. It is going to employ 300 people.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The U.S. company is moving its accounting center from the UK. It is going to employ 300 people.

Another investment project will be located in Wroclaw, south-western Poland.

“UPS is going to launch at the beginning of 2007 its accounting center. The center will consolidate part of the accounting departments in the UK. The operation is part of integration with Lynx Express acquired in 2005. The decision will not affect operations and accounting services in Poland”, Monika Biedrzycka, UPS Polska marketing director said.

According to unofficial sources, the company wants to employ 300 people. The project is worth some dozen million zlotys. The company will receive an incentive from the Polish government. UPS will rent an office in the downtown.

“We are very happy. It is another project in line with Wroclaw development program of building a city based on knowledge technology”, Pawel Panczyj, the CEO of the Agency for Wroclaw Development said.

UPS representative assured that the company has no specific plans to shift to Poland financial operations from other countries than the UK. Due to launching the center in Poland, 64 people from the UK department may be affected.

“All of them will have a chance to move to Poland”, Monika Biedrzycka assured.

Wroclaw competed with several dozens cities.

“Negotiations have been going on for a year. Within the last 4-5 months, Wroclaw has competed with Bratislava”, Pawel Panczyj said.

UPS is the world’s biggest distributor of packages operating in over 200 countries. The company is listed on the NYSE. In April 2005, the company acquired Messenger Service Stolica.

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