WSE: Euphory among KGHM and Biotons’ shareholders

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opublikowano: 08-05-2006, 19:06

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Two companies from WIG20 made investors optimistic.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Two companies from WIG20 made investors optimistic.

Today’s session was a result of information from Friday’s afternoon, when its good financial results gave KGHM. Net income rose by 66 per cent and the company increased its forecast by 90 percent.  At the beginning of the day, shares rose even 11 percent. At the end of session , shareholders earned 7,3 percent. The price reach the record of PLN 132, by turnover of PLN 270m.

Also Bioton had a good day. The turnover amounted to PLN 248m, and 3.65m shares changed their owners.

These two companies gave 55 percent of total turnover among biggest enterprises at the polish exchange. It shows the lack of interest in another companies from WIG20. This index finished with 3327,19 points, WIG at the same time with 45 591,90 points which is the newest record. Its highest level reached also WIRR.


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