ZUS state-owned social insurer plans big changes

25-07-2007, 13:01

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – ZUS CEO is cutting the number of departments and outlets and prolonging the working hours. He also applies for EU funds. This is only the beginning of changes.


Within two months at the office of ZUS CEO Pawel Wypych has managed to prepare a new statute and apply for EU funds for the giant social insurance company. The CEO promises more client-friendly procedures, longer working hours and quicker decision-making process. The only problem is to convince 48,500 ZUS employees to accept these plans.

According to the new statute which will soon be presented to Prime Minister, the number of departments should drop from 32 to 26. As far as regional outlets are concerned, instead of 42 there would be 16 left (one for every voivodship). Pawel Wypych refused to say in detail how many people would lose their jobs.

“Organizational changes are risky. Analysis should be made before: why is the change needed, what the costs and effects will be”, Jeremi Mordasewicz, PKPP Lewiatan expert and ZUS member of the supervisory board said.


Pawel Wypych would like all outlets to work in the same hours. One day the working hours would be longer.

“You cannot make the working hours the same all over the country. Not everywhere the outlet must work longer. Let’s not forget that majority of the employees are women with children. Decision concerning this issue should be made locally”, Tadeusz Nowakowski, the head of the trade union of ZUS employees said.

One of the first changes implemented to make procedures easier was the possibility to submit applications all over the country no matter where the person and his/her company are registered.


For the first time in its history, ZUS asked for EU funds.

“We have submitted three applications worth jointly EUR 78m. I hope they will be accepted”, Pawel Wypych said.

Funds are supposed to cover the costs of new IT projects and training of the employees.


There are 48,500 people employed in ZUS. It offers services to 14m Poles who have the social insurance, 2.28m people paying contributions and 7.2m of pensioners and people receiving health payments.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.266)


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