LOT flag carrier stops dreaming

opublikowano: 18-11-2008, 16:41

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – PPL LOT may give up  the acquisition of Boeing 787 altogether. Experts believe it is a bad idea. If  the carrier has no long-haul planes, it will offer only European flights.

LOT flag carrier has troubles. The company has given up many routes. The ongoing crisis has deepen its problems. One of the ideas aimed at reducing losses was to demand compensation for the delay in dreamliner deliveries. This is not all, however. An idea has appeared within the company to totally give up the acquisition.

“No decision has been made yet. We are viewing different options for the time being and we are waiting for Boeing to give us the new deadline. The year 2010 is not confirmed. At first, we want to know this. We have been recently unable to do it because of a strike at Boeing”, Dariusz Nowak, LOT CEO said.

Experts believe it would be wrong not to buy Boeing 787.

“It seems to me that LOT CEO does not know where the company is heading. He may be a good financial officer but he knows nothing about air transport. I understand that current operations are aimed at a search for money to survive. This is a proof that the present management are helpless and they don’t know how to eliminate the reasons of losses. What’s worse is that they make decisions but fail to present any vision for the company”, Tomasz Dziedzic from the Institute of Tourism said.

Grzegorz Sobczak from “Skrzydlata Polska” magazine believes that without dreamliners LOT won’t fly in long-haul routes.

“It looks like there is an informal understanding between a potential investor and the management to limit routes and give up long-haul routes and to fly passengers to regional ports only”, Grzegorz Sobczak said.

“LOT has relatively old machines. If the company gives up the acquisition of Boeing 787 this means that the carrier’s ambitions decreased to offer short-haul routes only. What’s the philosophy behind such ideas? Where does LOT want to earn money”, Ryszard Jaxa-Malachowski, an aviation expert wondered.

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