Managers want raises

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Polish managers believe they are effective and earn too little.

The poll “Polish Manager 2008 – qualifications, wages, success” shows that managers are not satisfied with their wages. Over half out of 658 polled managers said this. 86.6 percent of them believe that they work well (70-100 percent of capacity). However, as many as 59 percent of them say that their wages do not correspond with their effectiveness. This means that they may easily change their jobs. As many as 70 percent of the sample would change their job if they received 50 percent higher wage. 18 percent of the polled managers would need to get 100 percent more to start working for another firm. Only 3.6 percent of managers don’t want any raise but 14 percent expect their wage to at least double.

The poll was conducted before the financial crisis in the USA escalated. Specialists believe that now managers will limit their demands.
“We already see that payment demands don’t grow, especially among young managers who are used to raises”, Katarzyna Borowczyk from Bigram HR company commented.

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