New bill limiting big supermarkets may be rejected by Senate

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The Senate will probable reject the bill limiting launching big supermarkets today. But the game won’t be  over yet.

The law approved of by Sejm, the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament describing how big supermarkets with surface over 400 square meters are founded may be rejected by the Senate tomorrow. Senate’s legal office disapproved of the bill and said it is against the constitution and EU law. Big international and Polish retailers speak with one voice.

“According to our strategy, we want to launch 50 new supermarkets this and next year. We are well prepared for this. The law would make it very difficult to us”, Krzysztof Felker, Polomarket retailer CEO said.

He added that Polish companies are getting more and more important on the market and they have a chance to become an important player provided that the government lets them develop dynamically.

“This law is a threat to the stability of retailers, it is going to make the implementation of new projects last longer and will increase operational costs. No wonder it’s hard to accept it”, Czeslaw Grzesiak, Tesco Polska deputy CEO said.

However, even the rejection from the Senate, will not totally kill the bill.

“If the Senate has many questions, the bill should come back to the Sejm”, Maks Kraczkowski, PiS member said.

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