TP telecom wants to offer fiber cables to every client

14-01-2008, 10:50

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – TP telecom headed by Maciej Witucki is getting ready to build a 21st century network which will make it  possible to offer services which a statistical Pole has not dreamt of. There is  but one ‘only’. The telecom needs legal guarantees that its rivals won’t have very cheap access to its network. Pilot program will be launched in Warsaw.

TP may this year make decision to build NGN network based on IP technology.

“Clients are looking for modern solutions like internet TV, multimedia services or internet access to the government. We need to build a new generation network which will make it possible to offer such services”, Przemyslaw Kurczewski, proxy of TP CEO said.

This would let TP deliver optic fiber to every household. Clients would be offered even 100Mb/s but most probably it would be 20Mb/s. TP has already launched a pilot program in Warsaw.

According to estimates by JP Morgan quoted by TP representatives, full costs of delivering new generation network to a client amount to EUR 2,000-5,000. Experts believe that 70 percent of TP fixed lines should be changed. The value of the investment is estimated at several billions of euro.

The problem is that prior to investing so huge funds, TP wants telecom authorities to guarantee it some safety.

“The way regulations are being implemented is unpredictable, which decreases our will to invest”, Przemyslaw Kurczewski stressed.

The Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) has long been trying to make TP get its rivals bigger access to its own network. The regulator plans even a split of the former monopoly.

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