Wireless internet faces revolution

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) - The number of mobile internet users in Poland exceeded half a million. It will go by several hundreds thousand this year.

Notebooks sell well in Poland. Last year, there were 880,000 notebooks sold. Growing number of notebooks means that wireless internet is getting more and more popular. Over 500,000 subscribers use it already. Mobile operators expected that several hundreds thousand more people will buy the services this year. Prices should decrease in the near future.
“So far, wireless internet access services were directed to business clients mainly. However, along with growing number of notebooks used by individual clients, the operators need to change their strategies”, Pawel Olszynka, the head of telecommunication market analyses and IT unit at PMR company said.
In his opinion, within a year, the prices of all kinds of broadband internet access will start to become similar. Mobile internet access will inevitably drop.
All operators admit that the wireless internet access market develops rapidly. TP with Orange brand says it has 200,000 subscribers. When another operator, Era, offered notebooks for PLN 1 (EUR 0.264) for clients buying Blueconnect (mobile internet access), there were so many people interested that there are no more notebooks now.
“At the end of March, there were about 150,000 Blueconnect users. We are going to get 100,000 new clients till the end of this year”, Piotr Fedor from PTC, the owner of Era said. Plus, the brand owned by Polkomtel, has 180,000 users today. In the last months, their number has doubled.
(PLN 1 = EUR 0.264)


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