Worst delivery results since 1995

Alan Heath
22-01-2001, 00:00

Worst delivery results since 1995

Last year saw a dramatical drop of sales of delivery vans, 33,000 being sold — some 23 percent less than 1999.

Sales have not been this low since 1995.

Analysts are claiming that this is due to the increase in imports of used vehicles and the worsening of the small and medium sized business sector which is the poorest performer in the whole economy. Furthermore last year saw major increases in the cost of credit, fuel and insurance.

The worst hit was undoubtedly Daewoo-FSO, who sold 3,362 vehicles — 4,263 less than last year! Lublin based Daewoo Motor Polska sold 8,508 vehicles — 2,165 less than last year.

According to industry analysts Samar, only two companies noted greater sales than in 1999 — Renault and Mercedes. The French sold 1,975 vehicles whilst the Germans 2,277, although this was only 41 more than the previous year.

Krzysztof Mużdżak, heading the delivery vehicles sales team said that the success of Mercedes-Benz was largely due to the modernisation of the Sprinter model and an effective marketing policy.

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