A fund may invest in LOT flag carrier

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The state and bankruptcy officer want to work out a way for Swissair to withdraw from LOT. An investment fund or investor from the aviation sector are possible options due to the breakdown on the stock markets.


Bearish market worries not only investors but also companies planning a stock debut in the near future. One of them is LOT, Poland’s flag carrier. The Ministry of the Treasury, along with the bankruptcy officer, are working to prepare agreement which would describe how Swissair, the Swiss stockholder of LOT should withdraw from the airline. The contract may be concluded as early as this month.

“One of big investment funds could buy Swissair’s stake managed by the bankruptcy officer. This solution would give a chance to increase the company’s value within 3-5 years and it would save LOT from losing market share to its direct regional rivals”, a person connected with the company said.


Several investment funds which are not present in Poland yet, are interested in the stake. So is Lufthansa. Tomasz Dziedzic from the Institute of Tourism believes that an investor from the airline sector would be the best solution for LOT, however, not a European carrier in order to avoid fighting for the same clients. LOT representative believes that an investment fund would be the best solution, Singapur Airlines or United Airlines. Wlodzimierz Rydzkowski from Gdansk University has yet a different opinion.

“Lufthansa generates very good  results and shows it knows how to manage companies. There would be a chance to implement some order in LOT. LOT is a small company with only 30 planes flying in Europe, so it’s funny when it presents its great plans and fears that rivals will take its market share. These are myths we should fight against while LOT should supplement Luftansa’s offer”, Wladyslaw Rydzkowski said.

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