Antimonopoly office vs. cement producers

opublikowano: 23-01-2008, 11:24

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – UOKiK antymonopoly office has difficulties to prove that cement producer had cartel agreement. The proceedings have been going on for over a year.

The antimonopoly proceeding started by UOKiK in December 2006 against cement producers won’t end soon. According to unofficial sources, it may be concluded on March 2nd 2008. Antimonopoly office has not proved yet that the companies broke the law. In Spring 2006, it accused 11 companies of cartel agreement. Before it started the proceeding, it had investigated for six months. Now, it refuses to give details of the situation. According to “PB” sources, the proofs are hard and meaningful.

“In theory, antimonopoly proceeding should end within five months. Cartels are the most difficult cases to be proved. No wonder that the office checks such cases so long. Especially that we have lots of proofs”, Aneta Styrnik from UOKiK press office said.

The following companies are suspected: Lafarge Cement, Gorazdze Cement, Grupa Ozarow, Nowiny and Cementownia Warta. In 2006, cement producers were accused for cartels worldwide. Among them, there were several companies operating in Poland, including French Lafarge, Irish Readmix (acquired by Cemex), and HeidelberCement (Gorazdze Cement). In 2003, cement producers were fined with EUR 661m for similar cartels in Europe.

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