Cadbury may become the first success of the new government

08-11-2007, 15:43

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – New details of possible investment by Cadbury Wedel are revealed. Unfortunately, Poland is not the only country being taken into account.

There are new details on the investment by Cadbury Wedel worth EUR 280m.

“The Polish variant provides for developing the plant in Bielany Wroclawskie and building a new plant next to the facility in Skarbimierz. 1,000 new jobs would be created. Thanks to the project, Cadbury would double capacity in Poland”, “PB” source revealed.

However, it is still possible that one big factory is built in Slovakia.

It seemed that decision was made for Poland when in October, Cadbury said it started consultations with trade unions in the UK concerning closing one plant and shifting part of the production to Poland.

“Poland is the preferred site but financial support is an important issue” “PB” source said.

Cadbury Wedel head refused to confirm the news.

“Until the consultations are concluded, which will happen in the middle of January, the company does not talk, plan nor makes any promises”, Peter Knauer, Cadbury Wedel head said.

The head of Walbrzych special economic zone, where both Polish projects would be located, is also very mysterious.

“Cadbury is already our investor and as such it is our partner in talks concerning new projects. However I cannot say anything until final decision is made” Miroslaw Greber said.

Slovakian government is said to offer to Cadbury maximum subsidy possible in the EU. The Polish government could offer subsidy of up to 40 percent near Wroclaw and up to 50 percent in Skarbimierz. According to the document concerning cash grants, Cadbury could get maximum number of points for the number of jobs and value of investment. Food sector is not priority for the Polish government, however. The company could get points for the number of Polish subcontractors. Today, it buys in Poland all ingredients used in its sweets, except for cocoa. Unfortunately, election times are not good for investors. No one wants to promise anything to companies. The new government has not been appointed yet. Waldemar Pawlak who is going to be appointed the new Minister of Economy, was unavailable. The investment of Cadbury Wedel could be his first success, and in addition, bigger than all the projects announced in the last two years, when Law and Justice (PiS) party was ruling.

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