Meat producers want to change the system of reserves

02-07-2007, 10:45

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Meat companies would like the state to stop making reserves out of half carcasses.


More and more companies would like to change the system of meat reserves made by the state.

“Reserves made of pork half carcasses are archaic. This method was popular in the previous century. Today, half carcasses are traded only to the east. Maybe time has come for a change and decision to store meat without the hide, bones and fat”, Marian Duda, Duda-Bis CEO said.

In his opinion, in the second half of the year, the contracts signed by the Agency of Material Reserves (ARM) which manages the storages, will expire. This is a good time to change the system.


There are strong arguments speaking for this idea.

“In our opinion, it’s much cheaper to make reserves in meat parts instead then in half carcasses, both for the state and the companies”, Jerzy Majchrzak from Grupa Sokolow believed.

Henryk Cieslinski, the CEO of Polmeat meat plant and Karol Borzuta from the Institute of Meat and Fat Industry confirm it. The latter explains that it costs two times more to store meat in half carcasses. It’s impossible to say how much the state would save because the size, structure and location of reserves are secret.

On the other hand, Maciej Duda, PKM Duda CEO, says that it’s much easier to prove that half carcasses are Polish products, which is important. Others add that half carcasses may be stored longer (18 months) than meat elements (9-12 months).


However, a compromise solution has been prepared as well.

“The Polish Meat Association has just approved of a compromise proposal. We will support making reserves of half carcasses, meat without bones and small meat parts”, Witold Choinski, the CEO of the association said.

“We analyze different proposals and data concerning the reserves. If it turns out that it’s possible to improve efficiency of meat storage, we will suggest to implement new solutions to ARM”, Przemyslaw Ligeza from the Ministry of Economy promised.


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